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Travel and Tour Preparation

Luggage should be packed in one or two soft bags for ease of transportation in the support van.
There are plenty of opportunities to do laundry during the tour in the places we stay so therefore we would recommend packing light.

Summer here is a bit like many places in Europe and Scandinavia but the days are not so long. New Zealand has a diverse landscape and very variable weather patterns and depending on where we are (North Island / South Island /in the mountains /by the coast etc.), temperatures and the weather can change quickly.

What to pack
We have put together a packing list to help you ensure you have the correct gear for your tour.

Things you should bring with you:
Helmet - Full-face is recommended (flies, stones and dust)
Riding Jacket and Trousers - with liner for safety and comfort
Gloves - Absolutely essential ( warm and cold weather)
Shoes - Motorcycle boots or sturdy walking boots
Waterproofs - Better to be prepared

Casual, hard wearing clothing
Jeans, T-shirts, shorts, sandals and gym shoes.
Long sleeve shirt or T-shirt (insect protection)

Warmer clothes such as a thick sweater or fleece jacket.
(Although the tours take place during the summer, the New Zealand climate is extremely variable)
Swimwear and Towel

Please note To avoid problems at customs when you arrive please make sure your boots and out door gear are clean and do not bring any fresh fruit or food into the airport (not even if you received it on the plane)  We have very strict rules to protect our isolated and sensitive ecosystem here.

If you are joining a camping/cabin tour
You will need a torch/ flashlight and a good sleeping bag (3 seasons). Sometimes, especially in the alpine regions it will be a bit fresh overnight.
Your tent and a sleeping mat are supplied by us.



Your mobile phone will normally work here as long as it is activated. You should check with your provider before you leave home. Alternatively, a NZ SIM card can be purchased easily for the  Vodafone Prepay system.
For calls overseas there are also cheap calling cards that will cost 7-10 cent/min to Europe, you can buy them in most kiosks / petrol stations /newsagents.
The voltage in NZ is 220 Volt and adapters can be purchased easily once here.

Drivers License
There is no need to get an international drivers license if you are only here for a month, your European license is fine.

Credit cards are widely accepted and used everywhere, some of the overseas ATM bank cards work here too, depending on their chip. Cash is easily obtained from bank machines in most villages.

We will meet you at the airport when you arrive. If you have some bike riding gear visible we will see you more easily  i.e helmet or riding jacket.

If you have any questions please contact us for more information

  Riding heaven!

BMW GS 1150

Nz Fault line

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